Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's definately happening!

We had a few (by a few I mean like 10 or 20, j.k) positive at home pregnancy tests and we just got the blood test back. My HCG level (pregnancy hormone) was 53,819. That's a whole lot of hormone. So we are definitely having a baby!! YAY! Our little family of me, Luke, and Tank, is about to get a little bigger. According to the online due date calculator, our due date is June 28, 2009-so mark the calendar!! Our first doctor's appointment is on Monday, November 17 at 3:30, so I will know for sure what the due date is and we will get to make sure it's just one in there. I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rainy Day

Today is just a nasty day outside. I went to work ( at P.F. Chang's) and it was completely dead. Hopefully the weather will get better. But on the upside, I got called off from work tonight, so Luke and I are going to have a date night.YAY!! We only have 7 1/2 months of those we're going to take advantage of that. Hopefully we will go get a new camera, I feel there is no proof of our first year of marriage and pre-baby life...this is a problem that must be fixed.