Wednesday, December 23, 2009

6 Months

I can't believe it. Dallace is already 6 months old. She's been such a blessing in our lives and we love all the new little things she does each and everyday. She's starting to develop quite the funny little personality (definitely gets that from her dad). I just feel like it was yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital and I was so nervous for my mom to leave, because then I would be alone with this baby, MY baby!! Now, I can't imagine a moment without her. We love you, Dallace!

Day One

One Month Old
2 Months Old
3 Months Old
4 Months Old
5 Months Old
6 Months Old

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The blanket.

This is the story of Dallace, Tank, and The Blanket.

mmm..this blanket sure is nice to chew on
Tank:alright, little person, it's picture time-Let's go!

Dallace:I'll sit up for the picture but I'm not letting go of this blanket it's SO good!
Tank: Maybe I'll get a treat if I pose for the picture.

Dallace: Hey Tank, do you want to chew on the blanket, it's really nice. Really-you should try it
Tank:I don't know what you're talking about, little person.

Tank:wow, it does smell pretty good.
Dallace:See I told you!

Dallace:what's wrong, where are you going, Tank?
Tank:I shouldn't chew on that, the big people don't like it when I chew on stuff.

Dallace: it's okay, Tank. I still love you.
Tank: I love you, too, little person.