Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3 great thoughts

1. I have the perfect husband. He always has Dallace and I in mind when he does anything. He is very motivated and is not afraid of work. He is a perfect father. He loves his family with such a strong love and is willing to help any of them out, anytime, no questions asked, and without expecting anything in return. He knows how to motivate me if get discouraged about material things. He reminds me that our place might not have the nicest things, but it is the perfect home. He helps me out around the house and shows a deep appreciation for everything I do for our little family.

2. My daughter is perfect. She smiles everytime she sees me or Luke. She has got a new found love for Tank (*and Roxy-Joey and Ally's furry kid). She tries to talk pretty often lately. and very. VERY. LOUD. She sounds like a pterodactyl when she's "Talking". But she's the cutest pterodactyl I've ever seen. She loves to look in the mirror and go shopping with mom. I am so thankful that heavenly father believes in Luke and I enough to give us such an angel.

3.My family. I could not be luckier when it comes to family. Both mine and Luke's could not be any better. Luke's parents are like mine. And my family, although they hate that I live this far away, have accepted that I'm here with such a loving family.

4. The gospel. I am extremely grateful for the gospel and the testimony that I have built over the last 3 years. Having the priesthood in our home has been a blessing in itself.