Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Sad.

To clarify, it is not I that am sad it is this "blog." I have a hard time calling it a blog, if anything it's acted  more like electronic post it notes that will forever be stuck to the internet.  Very few details of events between here and there. Nothing consistent or really meaningful. So, here I am once again attempting to jump start my "blog." We'll see how it goes this time around. I would also love to guarantee tons of posts of updates, pictures & growth stat's- however to be realistic let's just do a quick round of catch up.

Luke: Luke is busy in Tri 1 of school. For those of you unaware of how his program goes-there are 10 trimesters and anyone who goes to Logan or husband goes to Logan will undoubtedly begin their introduction to you with asking you what Tri he's in. It's definitely bittersweet to FINALLY be here and IN the D.C. program. The first 8 months we were here consisted of undergrad classes Luke needed to finish up. He's gone most days from about 5:30 or 6 until about 6:00 at night (unless, I have to work then he comes home at the appropriate time). It's definitely going to be a long strenuous road ahead, however, time's already flying by here in Missouri (still weird, by the way!) and we've been through way busier/more hours in the workday than this before, so I'm sure we can manage.

Brittney: I'm being the mom. Which thanks to an awesome new book my mother in law sent me I realize is always being done the right way if it's what works for MY family. I've always struggled with comparing myself to what the what I lately refer to as the "Pinterest Worthy Mom". Just because I don't have my spice cabinet labeled with with vinyl lettering which I did while my kids simultaneously took 4 hour naps after eating a perfectly well rounded meal which most likely was shaped and garnished to look like something awesome like a dinosaur, doesn't make me any less of a mom. I am working at the Cheesecake Factory, which I LOVE! It works great around Luke's schedule and the extra cash on a student budget is definitely a welcomed extra. I had two super fun visitors this month: 1. My high school friend, Miss Ashley Stasiak! She came up for about 5 days and it was great getting reminisce and laugh like I was 17, again. Then, this last week my mom got to come up after we found super cheap tickets the day before she arrived. Hooray Southwest!

Dallace: This little girl is hilarious. She has her first joke, which she came up with herself.

Knock. Knock.
Who's there?
It's me!


She loved her time with Nana for sure! I can't believe she'll be 3 in just a few short weeks. She did have all of her alphabet down and in order but all of the sudden she ends it with:
....w x y and 8, 9, 10.

So, we are retouching that area of study this week. However, she can recognize all the letters and trace all of them, and write most of them by herself. So, I think she may just be being silly. Her favorite places to go are Target, the Mall/Mommy's work, and the "blue park" which is just over by the mall. Sometime this week we will be hitting up one of the several aquatic centers around the area. They are like mini water parks that are super cheap and convenient.

Derek: My little man. He will be one year old in just a few weeks. How did that happen?! He started walking at 10 months and didn't slow down from there. He tries so hard to run to chase after Dallace or anyone walking out of the front door. He is such a little beggar when it comes to food it doesn't matter if you're eating zucchini salad or pizza-he wants a bite. He could swing all day if you'd let him at the park and loves to go for walks in the stroller with big sister pushing him. I don't foresee him enjoying this too terribly much longer so we're trying to take advantage while we can. He has 6 teeth and has had three ear infections in the last 3 months. I am pretty sure tubes are in our near future. 

So, that's how everyone here in Missouri is doing. I will be making a genuine effort to keep this beast updated. With pictures in following posts (seeing as my camera is in the diaper bag in the car and that is terribly far away when it's as hot as it is outside).