Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby D

I just realized I have really been slacking (again) in the blog department. Dallace is 6 weeks old as of tomorrow. It's completely ridiculous how fast these last 6 weeks have gone by. I feel like we were just in the hospital looking at our beautiful little baby for the first time. Life is completely different, now and we couldn't be enjoying it more! Luke's aunt Jeannie just had a baby this last week. His name is Crew Jakob Olsen and is quite adorable!! We can't wait to see him in person. Luke has been great with Baby D. Every day he comes home from, says a quick hello to me and then makes a break for Dallace and tells her how much he missed and thought about her during the day. He makes sure to throw in a quick shout out of how he missed me, too..but I know the truth! It's so sweet to see how much he loves her. Tank has been really great overall. Don't get me wrong though, there have been a few days that I really did almost open the door and take off his collar. But then the next day wake up feeling so thankful I didn't actually find him a new home. He's a part of the family and I know he has to adjust to having a new baby in the house, too..and we need to give him some time for that. Now, what you're all waiting for the pictures-which I'm sure you scrolled down to see those first before reading the post-which is totally fine..I do the same thing with your blog