Monday, January 24, 2011

While at a restaurant the other night with Luke we had a very short funny conversation that ended with a kiss and went like this:

Brittney: Can I have a kiss?
Luke: Psh..No
Brittney: Did you even hear what I asked you?
Luke: Yes.
Brittney: What did I ask?
Luke: Can I have a kiss?
Brittney: YEP!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Dear 2010:
The Watson family has had mixed emotions about you. You were not very nice to our friends and for that we are very happy to see you go. However, thanks to you we have learned many lessons and witnessed many wonderful things. We got to watch our little angel, Dallace, grow and learn something new each and everyday. She went from just being able to sit up when your reign began to running, jumping, climbing, talking ( a little ), and just overall turning into a little lady instead of our "baby D". During 2010 we traveled to Florida to see family 3 times, Idaho once, St. Louis once, Seattle and Spokane once, and Target probably close to 100 times. We went to look at Chiropractor schools for Luke and really felt like adults traveling across the country looking at them only to make the decision to go to the one in Florida, after all. 2010 also gave us the opportunity to live with Luke's parent's for about 8 months. While this experience went better than anticipated, I realized the instant we were back in a place of our own, how necessary that space is as a young family. You also brought us the exciting news of another baby to join our family. While some days the idea of this new little one seems completely overwhelming (mainly when Dallace is throwing a terrible-two's style tantrum in a store/parking lot/public place of any kind), most of the time we are overjoyed. To have the opportunity to bring another sweet spirit down from heavenly father is unbelievable. We also said goodbye to a few family members this year on both sides of the family, all lived wonderfully full lives, and while sad to say goodbye, thrilled to know they are back with spouses and heavenly father. This year we also said goodbye to Tank, he is with a family with a few kids and a huge backyard which while it broke my heart to say goodbye, we know this is what he needed. We said goodbye to Ashley, Scott, and Avery as they said out on their 3 year journey to Omaha for law school. We sat anxiously by the phone as Jax Adam was born and were thrilled to meet him and see the rest of them at Christmas. Overall 2010 wasn't a bad year for us, but hard to watch friends not being treated fairly throughout the year. So 2010 you can leave now, hopefully 2011 will be a more fair-minded year.

The Watsons


Dear 2011,
Welcome! We have extremely high hopes for you and very high expectations! Our plans are to better learn to embrace 8:30 church and have a certain little lady get used to Nursery (preferably WITHOUT Mom or Dad present), have a healthy and happy remainder of this pregnancy, followed by a very exciting surprise to find out boy/girl when the baby is born (if I can make it through the BIG ultrasound without giving in to finding out!), we would REALLY like to have Luke start at Palmer (Florida) in the Fall which in turn would mean making the 2902 mile journey to live in Florida. Which either means selling everything and craigslisting it up when we get down there, shipping the car and flying down, or being stuck in a car/moving truck for 4 days with a 2 year old and 3 month old (No thank you.), we hope to enjoy our life together more and more everyday and find a way to convince my close girlfriends to move to Florida with us, because, while this sounds selfish, I REALLY don't want to try to make new friends down there. So 2011, please love us like we plan on loving you!


The Watsons